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An independent multi media artist across the board, working in ceramics, painting, photography, sculpture, writing poetry & music production. LyricalLisa began her love of art by earning an AA degree and went on to earn her Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from The University of Texas in 2010. Her love of not only visual forms of art, but also written form began to blossom around 2011. She began recording her spokenword poetry and laying them over worldwide music producers tracks. She speaks on personal experiences as well as portraying messages of humanity, life lessons and love. LyricalLisa's love of music has always been apparent, but she began putting it to use in late 2016 when she began producing her own music (beats & instrumentals). Her style is a mix of Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Jazz, Blues & Soul. She is originally out of Texas, but resides in NE Florida now.

Latest Album!!

Reels From the Vault cover.jpg
Phantasmagorical album cover.jpg
Jazzhop Front Row Brass Section.png
Biscayne Key cover.jpg
Jazzhop_ Twenty Paces To Face Off
Mallow Moodz
Morning Dew
Love In Groove Minor


(free download)

Disclaimer: You do not have our permission to use any of the free downloadable tracks for any purposes outside of personal listening. (ie: you can not use them for your videos, to rap and or sing on without prior written permission.) If you want to use any of the free download tracks for purposes outside of listening, please send us a message via the contact page. Thanks

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